The Celebration Series

Lately it feels like there is so much to celebrate! I have so many friends getting married and having babies, and its also the end of another successful school year! The happiness is almost palpable! It inspired the beginning of a new series I'm calling The Celebration Series. Inspired by all of the wonderful events going on in the lives of those I love, this series combines quick strokes and layers upon layers of vibrant color. 

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The Garden Series

For me, there is nothing more peaceful than sitting in the garden listening to the sounds of nature and admiring its beauty. As a gardener, I often find myself immersed in dirt, seeds, flowers, and herbs. The array of colors and textures is inspiring to me as a painter as well.

My most recent series is inspired by my spring garden. I'm in love with the pallet of soft shades of  green, blue, and blush with pops of gold! 

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