A Playhouse for Stella

Before Stella was even born I began thinking about her playhouse! I didn't have one growing up, but the idea of a space that she can grow in that will be her own (plus her sibling's if we decide to have a number two) sounds so wonderful to me.

I began doing research on different building plans and pinning some of my favorite inspiration playhouses about a year ago. After doing some fence renovations at our house, we finally decided it was time due to all of the awesome wood we had left over from removing our old fence! 

Growing up I learned how to use power tools and build things by watching my dad, so naturally I felt that this was a project that we could definitely tackle together. 


I have this awesome flower bed in the back yard that sits between two giant crape myrtles. I decided it would be the perfect spot because 1) it was big enough and 2) because the crape myrtles would provide some much needed relief from the Texas summer heat. 

This is an old photo before we redid our back fence and removed the old chain link! 

This is an old photo before we redid our back fence and removed the old chain link! 


About a month ago I sat down and drew up plans for her house. I knew I wanted it to be big enough for a couple of kids to be in and for us to get in with her. I decided on an 8x8x6' house with a pitched roof, so technically 8' tall, too. It is important to me that she have some entertaining space outside of the house, so I decided to sit the house on a 10'x16' deck so that she could have an 8' patio beside her house. 


Here is the mood board I created for her playhouse! I want to do a modern farmhouse/ french market style home. I'm planning on painting the house white, all of the window trim a grey, creating french market inspired awnings, and adding extra touches like flower boxes and lighting features. 

I am so excited for this project!! I am going to do a comprehensive post on the whole DIY project!! Be sure to check it out!!