Playhouse Banquette DIY

If you saw my Mother's Day post, you know that I spent my weekend doing what I love most, spending time working on projects and hanging in the garden with Stella!! I knew that I wanted to build a banquette to stretch the whole back length of her playhouse, and God gave me the beautiful weather I was waiting on to get the job done!! I'm sharing my DIY project, completely made with scrap wood I had sitting in my bulk trash pile!! I'm so happy with how it turned out!! 

The inside of Stella's playhouse isn't dry walled, so all of the studs are exposed from this inside. This made the job a lot easier for me, because I knew exactly where to frame out the banquette! I started by deciding on the dimensions I wanted for the bench. The length across the back is 89", and I decided to make the bench at an adult height (19") so that she could grow into it and so that her daddy and I wouldn't have to squat so low to sit down. I just chose a standard depth of 16" for the seat. 

I started by building a basic frame for the bench by attaching a 2x4" beam to the floor and spacing vertical posts every 22" to match up with the stud boards across the back wall. Next, I added horizontal supports across the top of each side, and support beams spanning the depth along the top and bottom of the two sides and one center section for extra support. 

I used leftover 1/2" plywood to create the front of the bench. There was an area of space between each beam across the back, so I decided to cut 2x4" pieces to fit in the space so that things wouldn't constantly get dropped down behind the bench. 

Next, I cut a leftover pieces of 3/4" plywood for the top. I began to install the hinges, and then I realized that the hinges I bought were too small to work with the 3/4" plywood. I happened to have a bit more 1/2" plywood, but it was in two smaller pieces. I decided to use them anyway. I decided that I'll use the long piece of 3/4" wood to create the top cushion for the bench, and attach it to the 1/2" already down so that it will open as one unit instead of two. 

I wanted to add some sort of trim to add a bit of personality to the piece. I happened to have some of the leftover fence boards that I used as the siding on her playhouse, so I used that to create a trim. 

Thank goodness for paint!! This leftover wood would not be pretty on its own!! 

Thank goodness for paint!! This leftover wood would not be pretty on its own!! 

Once the piece was completed, I painted a primer coat, and finished with two coats of white paint! I love the overall final piece!!

Ignore the floor! It will be covered soon enough :) 

Ignore the floor! It will be covered soon enough :) 

I can't wait to make the top cushion now! I'm struggling to make a decision on fabric though! These are my current ideas! I'm hoping to order the fabric this week and complete the bench this weekend if its in in time!! 

I'm thinking of going with pinks or blues. I am tossing around the idea of a contrasting piping detail as well. There are just too many cute options that I can't make up my mind!! 

Stay tuned for the final piece!!