The Dallas Zoo Experience

The zoo is synonymous with childhood fun! We are so fortunate to have a wonderful zoo only a couple of miles from our home, The Dallas Zoo! While visiting the zoo sounds amazing, any parent with a toddler knows all too well that what can go wrong, will go wrong! Here are my tips for having an amazing experience while visiting the Dallas Zoo with a toddler!

1. Choose your date and time wisely!!

-The zoo is clearly a hot spot for families. It can get extremely crowded on busy days! Its a no brainer to pick a pretty weather day for the zoo as you will be outside walking. The thing to consider is that if you realize its a beautiful day for a trip to the zoo, odds are thousands of others do as well! My recommendation for weekend timing if you can swing it is right when they open on Sundays. This tends to be the best window for experiencing the zoo while avoiding massive crowds!

2. Travel wisely!

-If your toddler is anything like mine, they don't want to ride in the stroller and prefer to walk. We learned this lesson the hard way. Even though they don't like their stroller 99% of the time, TAKE YOUR STROLLER! Even the non-stop toddler will get tired at some point in the zoo and be happy for the ride! An umbrella stroller is a great option for the day as it is both light and small enough to maneuver around in a crowd!

3. Pack snacks, or don't!

-It depends on what you want your child to eat and what you want to pay. The awesome thing about the zoo is that they let you bring in your own food and drinks! You can choose to pack a lunch tote with healthy snacks and water if you'd like!! If you would rather not deal with it, they have an abundance of food options throughout the park! They even serve beer for the adults that are interested!!

4. Pack a towel or another set of dry clothes if you visit the Children's Area!

-The Children's area at the Dallas Zoo is so wonderful!! There are so many different things for kids to do from the climbing net, petting zoo, playground, and kid-friendly water feature! If you're there in the summer, the water feature is such a fun way for your kids to cool off! I didn't realize that there was going to be a water feature, and Stella ended up soaking wet without a change of clothes! I had to carry her (same trip we didn't take a stroller) all of the way out of the park soaking wet. We were both soaked by the time we left the park!!

5. Feed the giraffes!!

-In the Safari Animal section you can feed the giraffes out of your hands!! For $5 you'll receive a handful of lettuce that you can hold out for the giraffes! They will come up and eat it straight from your hands! It is a very cool experience!!!

6. Remember the essentials!

-You are going to be outside for at least a couple of hours. Whether your child chooses to ride or walk, you will be walking regardless! Dress comfortably for the weather and for the walking!! Make sure to coat yourself and your child in sunscreen and I recommend sunglasses and hats as well for the summer months!! Don't fret if you forget something though, the gift shop has all of the items you may have forgotten! 


The Dallas Zoo is such a wonderful outing for children and families!! Keeping these helpful tips in mind will ensure that you have a great experience on your next trip!! Do you plan on visiting the Dallas Zoo anytime soon? If so, I'd love to hear about your experience there!!