Girl's Date: Lower Greenville

On the last day of school a group of teachers met for a happy hour to kick off summer! We decided to meet at a bar/restaurant less than 5 miles from my house in the super popular Lower Greenville neighborhood. On my drive to Haymaker, I noticed that there were SO many kid friendly places that I needed to visit with Stella! So on our first official day of summer break, I decided to take a girl's only trip to explore Lower Greenville! Given that she's not even two yet, I knew that this would be a quick trip, so I chose two "adventures" for us: Steel City Pops and Trader Joe's

Photo: Andres Properties

Photo: Andres Properties

It's really embarassing to admit how rarely we go out to eat! Matt's work schedule and Stella's bedtime schedule make going out to dinner a rare treat! There are so many amazing neighborhoods and restaurants around us that we need to explore. Among them, Lower Greenville is a booming area only a couple of miles from our front door! 

Today, I specifically wanted to find places that I knew Stella would love! Lately she has been hooked on frozen ice pops. She has always loved ice, and with summer here I thought popsicles would be an amazing treat! When it comes to popsicles, Steel City Pops is the place to go in Dallas! 

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Made using the freshest, locally harvested where available, certified-organic ingredients, these pops are a healthier option, important to all mamas! Their pops are sweetened using only organic cane sugar and don't contain any artificial flavors or preservatives! 

Photo: Steel City Pops Facebook Cover

Photo: Steel City Pops Facebook Cover

Their impressive menu boasts inventive seasonal flavors such as Hibiscus and Pineapple Jalapeno along with year-round favorites like Strawberry Lemonade and Sweet Tea. Their menu also includes a creamy menu with flavors such as Avocado, Coconut (ah-mazing), and Blueberry Cream! They also have a few cookie pops which have bits of dessert mixed into the cream pop though I've yet to try them! 

Today, I let Stella choose between Blackberry and Strawberry! She chose Strawberry! I knew that one would be enough for us to share, especially with the rate at which it would melt in this Texas heat! 

Thinking ahead, I kept reminding myself to put the package of wipes in my bag. Of course, once she started eating the pop and it began to run all down her face and hands, what was missing from my bag? The wipes of course! I left them in my car, BIG mom fail!! We found a shaded area and sat and enjoyed our pop, sticky hands/shirt/face/feet and all! 

When she finished most of the popsicle, with help from mom, we walked back to the car to clean up with some wipes before heading across the street to Trader Joe's! 

After we were cleaned up, we walked over to Trader Joe's. It's a fabulous grocery store, but I had already purchased our main groceries for the week. Today was all about Stella, and one thing she had yet to do was to push the tiny cart they have for kids around the store! 

Once she realized that she got to PUSH the cart instead of RIDE, she was so excited! She listened so well as I guided her around the store picking up a few things we could always use, and then a couple of random things she decided to grab from the shelves. 

She was so proud and so excited to be the one in charge! It was such a simple activity, but one that was such a treat for her! I feel like so often I try to find big activities and experiences for her, yet the most simple ones tend to be her favorite! While letting her push a tiny cart around on a Sunday afternoon while stocking up for the week is not ideal, going back on a random day with no list in mind is definitely doable! 

We walked around the store for about 15 minutes and then headed up to checkout! The sweet cashier (whose name I didn't catch) was so patient as Stella pulled each item out and handed them to her. Once the bagging was complete, she called Stella back behind the register to get a sugar free sucker and a strip of stickers!! Toddler GOLD! 

We headed back to the car with our bag of snacks and loaded up to go home! It was such a short (1hr) and sweet (literally) trip, but it was so rich in memories! Stella had the best time, and we got to spend some time in our local backyard! I will definitely be planning more local Stella dates over the summer! If you have any suggestions for kid friendly visits in Dallas, please share! I'd love to try them out!!