Happy "Bee"Day! Planning Hallie's First Birthday Party

I am learning that literally everything they say about your second child is true! I remember planning Stella’s first birthday party before she was even born. Now, with Hallie, its roughly a month and a half out and I’m just starting to piece it together. For Stella I threw an elaborate back yard garden party that I planned and worked on for months, and in all honesty, if I didn’t feel guilty, Hallie would just be getting a cake instead of a party!

While I’ve decided to host a party for Hallie’s first birthday, it will be less of a production than Stella’s, but I want it to be equally as cute! Today I’m sharing some of my Pinterest inspiration for planning Hallie’s 1st “Bee”day!

What’s a good party without a good mood board? Like everyone else, when I need inspiration, I turn to Pinterest! When I was choosing a theme for Hallie’s party, I kept coming back to what I call her, Hallie B, and that led me to deciding on a bee theme! Luckily, there is an abundance of cute ideas for this theme online! The following is my mood board for her party!!



It’s taken me a while to adjust, but I’m finally coming around to notion of e-vites. It may be my Southern roots, but emailed invitations still give be a bit of a heave, but in today’s world, they’re the best option! My go to for web sent invitations is Paperless Post! And while this invitation is meant for a baby shower, with a bit of editing, I think it could be perfect for Hallie’s party invitation!


I promised myself that I would keep this party simple, which I am reallllly going to try to do, so I want to keep the decor down to photos and flowers and maybe a pop or two of themed decor!


I like to keep things pretty simple for the first birthday cake. For Stella, I made her cake. It was a naked cake made from fresh strawberries! It was perfect without being too messy or full of sugar! I’ll probably do the same thing this year for Hallie and add a cute topper. For the guests, I plan on ordering lemon and white cake bundt cakes and adding little bee embellishments like this inspiration!


I recently met a fabulous local cookie decorator through my sister-in-law who makes the most beautiful iced cookies! I plan on having her create custom bee and monogrammed cookies to hand out as favors at Hallie’s party! I love how sweet and simple these inspiration cookies are!

So from here the planning begins!! I love all of the inspiration I found on Pinterest and look forward to using it all to craft a bee-youtiful (sorry I had to) first birthday for my sweet Hallie B!