Arkansas Summer- Sunflower Days at The Silos

When I was packing to visit Arkansas for a couple of weeks, I stumbled upon a wedding venue in Jonesboro, Arkansas that was going to be opening their property up for visitors to come take photos and wander around their sunflower fields. The thought was dreamy, and I knew that I would have to take Stella!

Sunflower Days was hosted at The Silos, in Jonesboro, Arkansas, a charming barn inspired event venue. Nestled slightly outside of Jonesboro in a small town called Bono, The Silos has become a hot spot for brides looking to host a rustic/elegant Pinterest inspired wedding! I have seen photos of the venue, but this was my first trip! The Silos is such a beautiful property! It features a beautiful barn and outdoor space as well as expansive open fields, which in the summer are full of rows and rows of towering sunflowers.

Photo from The Silos Facebook Page

Photo from The Silos Facebook Page

We had such a wonderful time walking through the field of sunflowers! Stella was completely fearless, diving into the rows and running carefree into the center of the field. It was definitely work trying to keep her still enough to get a cute photo or two! 

She was most excited to see a couple of horses they have on the property! Once she spotted them, she ran over to them to get a closer look. I had to constantly pull her back to keep her from climbing over the wire fence! 

We were fortunate that the weather was mild on our visit and that the mosquitoes were at bay. All in all it was a beautiful experience, and I will definitely try to plan our Arkansas summer visits around Sunflower Days in the future! Want more information about The Silos and Sunflower Days? Check them out on Facebook!