Testing Fall Light

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year for all of the obvious reasons like food, time with family, and the beginning of Christmas season, but one of the biggest reasons is that it marks the official arrival of Fall weather to Dallas! Prior to Thanksgiving, and lets be honest, even after, we still hit highs in the upper 80's! Usually around this time of year though we start maxing out in the 70's and that's reason enough to celebrate!! This cooler weather is the perfect excuse to get out and monitor new light patterns and practice! So this week I drug out the most difficult model I could find for a little Fall Light Photo Shoot! :) 


I've always loved a good field photo shoot! Maybe its the Arkansas in me, or just my love of a natural/neutral color pallet, but I've always been drawn to them as a setting for photos! In Dallas, fields are few and far between, and most definitely not public property! I was thrilled to find this little gem of a spot at White Rock Lake! It's the perfect backdrop for a Fall photo shoot! 


Needless to say, my "model" was clearly not into it that day! I spent more time chasing her than actually taking photos! I guess that's why photographers have assistants! :) It was fun to play around with shooting outside! I'm learning so much each time I take photos and falling in love with the process more every day! I can't wait to share some of my upcoming shoots! 


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